Pronomar are happy about an order from Van Oord, a leading international contractor in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects with respect to oil, gas and wind. Van Oord asked Pronomar to supply and install their innovative Pronomar-MERUS rings on-board their Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger “Utrecht”.

We were happy to install the following rings:

one 4” HCI ring from the seawater pipe to the Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generator
one 2” HCI ring from the buffer water tank to the Alfa Laval Fresh Water Generator

Our Pronomar-Merus rings are a totally eco-friendly solution for green water-treatment and to counteract and prevent heavy scaling, which can slow down efficiency and performance and, in the worst case, seriously harm the costly equipment on-board. After being installed the rings give of micro-fine oscillations which disturb the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances (lime scale, barnacles, algae etc.) are simply flushed away leaving the equipment in question with less scaling. By keeping the equipment with less scaling you not only increase its lifetime but also extend the service interval. The fact that the rings do not require any maintenance, which means that the crew on-board can concentrate on their busy daily schedule in the safe knowledge that their equipment is taken care of, could be considered the icing the cake.

If heavy scaling is also troubling you, then you can relax now because you are only a phone call away from the solution to your problems! Contact us for fast and competent help! We look forward to hearing from you.