Pronomar are happy about their first cooperation with MSCA Reval Maritime School in Tallinn, Estonia, who gave the order to supply the established and highly efficient Pronomar-Top Trock drying systems at their Maritime School to dry their trainees and staff’s survival suits.

In total, stainless steel drying systems, operated by a powerful warm-air blower (blowing a lot of drying air directly into the suits to be dried and due to nozzles at neuralgic zones reaching even the hardest-to-access places like armpits, shoulders, back etc) for 18 survival suits (or also jackets, trousers) as well as boots and gloves were ordered and shipped to Tallinn within the set deadline.

With the efficient and state-of-the-art dryers, the people at the Maritime School can now concentrate solely on their daily work and tasks in the secure knowledge to come back to dry outfits on a daily basis.

Apart from the comfort the dryers stand for, the systems also increase the lifetime of the costly clothing which in the long run brings down purchasing costs.

Pronomar are pleased to have been appointed as a supplier by MSCA Maritime School and look forward to their feedback after the systems are in place and, so to speak, have been tried and tested.