Texel, the perfect island for a holiday, a weekend away or just a day to spend on the beach. Many Dutch people visited this island, but Texel is also visited by a lot of tourists for a bit of peace and quiet. The island is a beautiful piece of Holland and evokes a holiday feeling with many people. That feeling already starts in Den Helder, when you take the Teso ferry to Texel.

The Teso ferries are known amongst many, but the new ferry “Texelstroom” might be less known. Since the end of 2016, the Texelstroom sails between Den Helder and Texel. The Texelstroom can transport more cars than previous Teso ferries and is more sustainable. The ferry uses less fuel, the heat from the generators is re-used for the central heating on-board and the ferry features 700 m2 of solar panels.

A sustainable ferry such as the Texelstroom is now equipped with the durable MERUS technology for water treatment, supplied by Pronomar B.V. The MERUS technology gives off overlapping frequencies to the water, which will disturb the deposits of e.g. lime scale in the water lines. The lime scale will stay in solution longer and will flush away along with the water, instead of building up inside the water lines. By using a frequency technology to fight these problems, rather than a chemical one, this is without saying good for the environment. The MERUS technology ensures that less maintenances is needed and that piping on-board experiences a longer lifespan. The cooperation between Teso and Pronomar made it possible that the Texelstroom became even more durable and environment-friendly.