Pronomar are happy to have received a pleasant email fromAlexander Baranov from Silverburn Shipping Group informing them about a recent visit on board the accommodation vessel Yuriy Andropov, cruising the Caspian Sea. Silverburn Shipping are very happy with the recently installed highly efficient boot dryers and sent photo material showing that the dryers were very well received and are already in big use by the crew on board.

The state-of-the-art drying systems accommodate up to 160 pairs of boots. Apart from prolonging the boots lifetime by keeping them constantly dry and properly maintained, also the improved comfort of the crew on board must not be neglected. It goes without saying that your health and well-being improves significantly if you are able to work in constantly dry boots. Last but not least the solid and professional drying panels provide stability out at sea, no matter how rocks it might get.

The fact that the stainless steel panels look really stylish and help keep the boots in order is just the icing on the cake.