Pronomar are happy to see the cooperation with Ama Waterways continue. After the MS AmaCerto and the AmaVerde Rivertech now ordered our innovative environment-friendly Pronomar – Merus rings for green water treatment also for the passenger vessel AmaPrima.

The following rings were installed:

–   One 2” HCI BIO ring at the hydrophore
–   One 1 ½” HCI BIO ring at the boiler flow line
–   One 1” IND ring at the boiler return flow line
–   Two 1” IND rings at the feed line for cold and warm water in the kitchen
–   One 2” IND ring at the circulation pipe to the jacuzzi

After an easy installation the rings give off tiny oscillations disturbing the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the boiler, pipes etc. free from scaling and bringing them back to their initial diameter and performance – this prolongs the equipments lifetime considerably. The fact that the rings are maintenance-free means also savings in operational costs which rounds off the advantages and practicality of that state-of-the-art product.

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