Among the many satisfied customers is also the trawler SCH. 6 Willem van der Zwan.

Knowing that taking care of all water related applications can be troublesome with regard to scaling in evaporators and boilers, the SCH.6 turned to Pronomar (formerly Pronova CT) for this problem and installed the unique and efficient MERUS rings. These are easily installed around the water pipes in question giving off tiny oscillations that disturb the trouble makers like scaling, rust, bacteria and barnacles. After flushing out the troublesome substances, the equipment is brought back to the high performance levels requested on board, and the effect is, among others, experienced in less scaling in Seawater boiler (evaporator and a better performance of other water related applications.

But Willem van der Zwan SCH.6 is also looking after their crew who can now work under excellent conditions. They are provided with highly efficient drying systems, all made from seawater resistant steel, to dry their various wet work wear, like oil skin and survival suits, overalls, boots, gloves etc.
Apart from the fact that the work wear automatically has a longer lifetime it is also a motivation factor for the crew if they always work in dry and well maintained gear, which in turn leads also to fewer sick leaves and a very positive work environment..