Pronomar are happy to announce that they have received a follow up order from Scylla Tours, this time regarding the MPS Amelia. The MPS Amelia is a sister ship of the MS Alina, which Pronomar also provided with the environment-friendly and highly innovative Merus technology not so long ago. Also the MS Swiss Emerald, MS Swiss Ruby and the MS Treasures have been served by Pronomar in the past. When your customers come back for more, you can be certain that your products deliver the right results!

Scylla Tours, a Swiss shipping company running a fleet of luxurious river cruise vessels, cover all major European rivers. The MPS Amelia is one of their four star cruise vessels and is revolutionary in both size and concept. The vessel has 108 cabins with space for up to 220 passengers. The interior is characterized by fashionable design with cyan cushions, dark wood panelling and straight lines. But not only the design sets new standards, also the concept is phenomenal.

The Pronomar-Merus rings take care of the comfort and well-being of the guests, just as the staff on board of the MPS Amelia does. Also the vessels equipment is maintained properly by the Merus technology. How does it work, you wonder? After the rings are installed, they give off tiny oscillations which disturb the scaling process. Afterwards the troublesome substances can be simply flushed away, leaving the equipment free from all kinds of harmful build-up. In this way the initial performance level will be brought back. Also the lifetime of the equipment will increase considerably. Last but not least the rings do not require any further maintenance, which means that the vessel will be saving in operational costs as well as manpower.

Pronomar are, once again, very happy with their cooperation with Scylla Tours and are certain that the rings will help the vessel cruise scale-free!