Pronomar is happy about an order from A2SEA, a Danish specialist in providing offshore wind transport, installation and service solutions at a variety of locations. A2SEA run a fleet of specially designed vessels and equipment for their many offshore installations. One of them is the jack-up vessel Sea Challenger and it was for her that A2SEA ordered the efficient Pronomar multipurpose drying systems.

In total the systems will see to the perfect and daily drying of 24 jackets/trousers or overalls and 30 pairs of boots/shoes or gloves. The solid, stainless steel drying systems, in combination with a powerful yet energy-efficient warm-air blower, dry the workwear efficiently and fast inside out. Advantages include prolonged lifetime of the costly workwear, less sick leaves among the crew on board due to proper and daily drying, increased well-being and motivation as well as stress relief for the staff on board. All they need to do after a long day of work is put the clothes over the form-fitting drying hangers and then they can relax and call it a day while the drying systems start their work automatically. Thanks to a timer the systems will automatically switch off when the drying process has finished.

Pronomar is happy about this order and trusts the drying systems will perform as expected on a daily basis.