Pronomar are very pleased to have received an order from Keppel Verolme. Keppel Verolme, active since the summer of ’57, is a ship- and offshore yard situated in the Netherlands and is part of Keppel Corporation Ltd (Singapore). The Keppel Verolme yard can accommodate any vessel and floating offshore unit. Their main services are dry docking, repair and maintenance, modifications, conversions and constructions.

Pronomar fits right into this industry (the maritime industry) with their product range: the Pronomar-TopTrock drying systems for all kinds of work wear, such as protective boots, gloves, jackets/trousers, diving suits, survival suits, emergency suits, oil skins, etc. The costly work wear is properly dried on formfitting stainless steel racks with a high amount of warm air, for an efficient and fast drying of the outfits, so that they are ready to be worn again after only a short period of time. No matter how rough the weather conditions are at sea, these drying systems provide stability, efficiency and reliable results.

In total 42 drying-systems were ordered by Keppel Verolme for their Mobile Offshore Application Barge Global Tech 1. These drying-systems are specialized in the drying of wet-suits, work overalls or combinations of jackets and trousers. The order is incl. a drying of headgear (caps, hoods/cowls) and is made of seawater resistant steel for offshore or on-board. Via the Pronomar-TopTrock drying systems the lifetime of the costly outfits is prolonged considerably which leads to a crucial decrease of purchasing costs. Apart from the economic aspect, the drying systems also help to increase the health and well-being of the staff on board of the Global Tech 1, as it is less likely to get sick if you work in dry clothes rather than having to wear damp or even wet gear.