In April 2014 Pronomar received an order from Apply Emtunga AB for Shah Deniz from BP. Shah Deniz is a gas terminal on the Shah Deniz gas field within in the Caspian Sea, which is the largest natural gas field in Azerbaijan. Commissioned by BP Apply Emtunga will provide the gas terminal a Pronomar boot dryer. Apply Emtunga AB is a leading provider of advanced offshore steel Living Quarters to the Oil and Gas industry and delivers to many large multinationals. Pronomar is very honoured with this order. In February 2015 the Shah Deniz will be equipped with an electrically heated dryer for 20 pairs of gloves or boots. The drying panel is made entirely out of seawater resistant steel (316) and is ideal for offshore use.

The drying systems supplied by Pronomar are used for fast and effective drying of clothing. By purchasing a drying system from Pronomar you don’t only make an investment in your employees’ garments but also in their well-being. Drying their work overalls, jackets, survival suits, boots etc. prevents that staff works in cold and wet clothing and thereby prevents sickness and absenteeism. Furthermore the drying of work garments will provide an increase in staff motivation and productivity. In addition the garment’s lifespan will be expanded.