Pronomar is happy to have received its first order from Siem Offshore Contractors for the vessel the Olympic Commander. SOC is an experienced player within the offshore submarine cable installation, maintenance, and repair industry. The Olympic Commander is a 93.8m long multi-purpose offshore vessel.

SOC recently placed its order at Pronomar and has chosen for the drying cabinet with warm-air blower. Furthermore SOC ordered an additional carrier rack to hang four extra jackets.

SOC’s vision is to be the most attractive employer. It is important for SOC to keep their staff happy and motivated. Therefore SOC has chosen for Pronomar’s drying cabinet. Pronomar’s drying cabinet with warm-air blower dries 8 people’s wet work wear, such as jackets/trousers and boots within hours. Dry clothes are advantageous for employees working in a cold and wet environment. Dry work gear can be beneficial for employers, considering that warm and dry garments increase staff motivation, health, productivity and the clothes’ lifespan – which also saves money. The drying systems are completely made from stainless steel.