With more than 6.500 supermarkets in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina, DIA Supermarkets is one of the leading organizations in the supermarket sector. By providing their customers with a great quantity of fresh and frozen food, many of their employees work in cold storage areas. For this reason, wearing the appropriate thermic clothing is of vital essence. Despite the very low temperatures, heavy insulating suits can cause employees to start sweating during their daily tasks. Perspiration and condensation issues result in damp work attire, which can cause uncomfortable working conditions.

For this reason, DIA has equipped multiple distribution centers with the high-quality Pronomar drying systems. In temperatures of below -15 °C, being able to wear dry and warm clothing is an absolute advantage. Workers usually wear freezer jackets and salopettes or an all-in-one thermic coverall, insulating gloves and face masks. If these are not properly dried in between shifts, employees are confronted with smelly, yet also cold and damp equipment. With Pronomar’s food-grade stainless steel drying room equipment, cold store workers at DIA can start their shift in dry and pleasantly warmed garments.

Not only a more enjoyable working environment is ensured, frost-related health issues will also be seriously diminished. When wearing damp or sweaty work wear, the risk of a cold injury is more common. Additionally, if the freezer gear receives a proper drying overnight, the insulating properties of the gear will be better maintained and the lifespan of the clothing increases significantly.

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