We at Pronomar and Merus are very happy about a project in cooperation with the Dutch NGO, Sri Lanka 4 All, running many projects in Sri Lanka, among them an orphanage called Home of Hope. We were contacted by the NGO for our environment-friendly, innovative Pronomar – Merus solution for green water treatment. It went without saying that we conceded special conditions for this important and needed project.

One 2 ½“ IND ring is installed at the orphanage. The way the ring works is that, once installed, it gives off tiny oscillations disturbing the lime scale. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the shower heads, kitchen applications etc. free from any scaling and bringing them back to their initial performance. In the case of this project the most important advantage is that the water feels softer and easier on the skin – something the children will benefit from.

We at Pronomar and Merus are happy to be part of this important social project and see it as our responsibility to make the children’s life at least a little easier.