Pronomar are happy that another high-profile customer has yet again put their trust in them. FUGRO Norway, a global player in terms of the covering of all aspects of specialist services supporting the global Oil and Gas industry, asked them to supply the same drying cabinets as already installed on board their 2 vessels GEO Celtic and GEO Caribbean back in 2008.

Now FUGRO’S latest and brand-new seismic research vessel, the GEO Coral, the slightly bigger sister to the GEO Celtic and the GEO Caribbean, will also be equipped with the highly efficient stainless steel drying cabinets fitted with multipurpose drying systems for their crew’s survival suits, splash suits and various work wear as well as headgear.

With the Top Trock  drying cabinets making sure that the expensive work wear is properly dried from the inside at all times the gears lifetime is prolonged considerably which in turn means a saving in purchasing costs. Apart from the economic side it is also a motivational factor for the crew if they can always work in dry and well maintained gear, which in turn leads also to fewer sick leaves and a very positive work environment on-board.

Last but not least, with the drying cabinets to take care of the crews comfort and health the people can now focus on their important schedule and daily tasks without having to worry about the state of their work wear. The fact that, with the drying systems installed inside cabinets, the expensive work wear is always kept tidy and in order is just the icing on the cake.

Pronomar are proud that after the GEO Celtic and GEO Caribbean FUGRO have put their trust in Pronomar again to play an active part in the equipping of this modern, highly technical and state-of-the-art vessel and are confident that also on the GEO Coral the drying systems on this vessel will provide the expected reliability and comfort on a daily basis.