After having supplied their, by now well established, Pronomar – TopTrock drying systems to various different stations within the KLPD (National Police Force), Pronomar are very pleased to have received an order from KLPD Fryslan with the drying systems to be installed at their new multifunctional police department for the North of The Netherlands in Drachten.

In total drying system for 7 sets of police uniforms (jackets, trousers etc.), boots as well as gloves will be installed, providing fast and efficient drying and thus perfectly dry gear at all times. The stainless steel systems consist of form-fitting hangers (which prevent damage or scratching of the outfits) with nozzles, through which a high amount of air is guided directly into the neuralgic areas (armpits, shoulders, back, boot tips) which facilitates an efficient and fast inside drying.

This way the lifetime of the costly outfits is prolonged considerably which not only means a crucial decrease of purchasing costs. Apart from the economic aspect, the drying systems also help to increase the health and well-being of the police agents as it’s a fact that you are less likely to get sick if you are in dry clothes rather than having to wear damp and wet gear.

Pronomar are really pleased to see that the drying systems are met with such an approval and satisfaction by KLPD and look forward to continuing their good cooperation with the Dutch Police Forces.