Body armors are designed to protect officers’ lives, but they need to be regularly taken care of to fulfill their purpose. Ballistic vests, often referred to as bulletproof vests, protect officers from firearm projectiles. This garment is therefore indispensable to wear on a daily basis regardless of outdoor temperatures, frequently causing body odor issues. However, even though it can stop a bullet, it is not machine wash- or dryable as it is important that the Kevlar/aramid panels are housed inside a watertight sleeve. Submerging tightly woven fabrics in water will loosen the material, eventually causing it to degrade and break down. So how can police officers take care of their gear while considering its valuable lifespan?

The importance of properly preserving bulletproof equipment should be stressed, given its life-saving protective capabilities. The armor naturally gets sweaty and dirty and freshening it up after wearing should become a daily routine, as officers should be able to carry out their high-emergency tasks as comfortably as possible. Body armors should therefore be hand-washed, after which a strong, but gentle drying process is recommended. Rather than leaving the gear to hang and dry, Pronomar manufactures drying equipment which allows a powerful warm-air flow to dry the armor from the inside out.

The professional dryers reach all the sweaty areas of the vests within a short period of time. It is custom-built for heavy applications with its robust air distribution rod with high-quality and ergonomically shaped body-shaped hangers, completely made of stainless steel. This vigorous drying solution provides a delicate drying technique, while increased hygiene standards can be met at the same time, since the build-up of mold and mildew on the costly fabrics will be prevented.

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