Worldwide, offshore wind farms are continuously being developed and built to increase offshore wind power generation. To meet the 2030 climate targets and reduce CO2 emissions, the construction of wind farms will also continue to increase. Due to this increase, the need for (C)SOVs is rapidly growing within the maritime industry. Increasingly, (C)SOV vessels are being used in the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms. The vessels function not only as a means of transport, but also as a warehouse, accommodation and workplace. Ideal for crews who are often at sea for extended periods of time.

At sea, however, working conditions can be tough due to a variety of weather conditions. Crews may have to deal with heavy snow or rain, or, on the contrary, bright sunshine and high temperatures. In both cases, workwear can become damp or wet. Pronomar’s drying systems ensure that the damp or wet clothing is dried so that the crew can get to work (again) in dry workwear. The drying systems, which are made out of seawater-resistant steel (316), ensure that the clothes are dried form the inside out within a short time. By means of a warm air-blower, the warm air flow is distributed evenly through the metal framework. Warm air is then blown into the inside of the clothing through the small nozzles in the framework. A careful drying not only prolongs the lifespan of the clothing, it also improves the crew’s motivation and absenteeism if they can start their day in dry work clothes at all times.

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