It’s always a pleasure when another exciting project comes along, this time from STX Finland Oy for the installation of our efficient Pronomar – Top Trock drying systems on board an offshore patrol vessel, NB385.

In total a multipurpose drying system, made from solid seawater resistant steel, for ten immersion suits and 40 pairs of boots/shoes and gloves have been installed to take care of the proper maintenance and drying of the expensive work wear. Drying from the inside is done efficiently on rounded off, form-fitting hangers thus preventing any possible damage to the garments with the help of a powerful warm-air blower blowing a lot of warm air directly into the clothes, boots and gloves. Proper drying increases the outfits’ lifespan and also helps to improve the well-being and motivation of the crew as you are less likely to get sick if you can always work in properly dry clothes. The dryers run automatically, controlled by timers, which the crew can enjoy their deserved free time after a hard day’s work.

We enjoyed working with STX Finland and would be happy to also work with you.