GCCL RMD Fleet Management LTD has placed an order for installation of the MERUS technology on-board the cruise ship M/S River Aria, a vessel awarded #35 in the ‘’Top 40 River Cruise Ships in the World’’ in Condé Nast Traveler Magazine “2014 Readers Pol”.

Pronomar equipped the following applications:
• Cold water system
• Hot water system
• Boilers circulation line
• Kitchen feedpipe

For the owner and tour operators of M/S River Aria, sailing the European Rivers, a clean environment for guests and crew is a top priority. Combined with improving the reliability and reducing the amount of failures of technical applications this was an important reason for owner Grand Circle Cruise Lines to choose for the MERUS water treatment.

As a result of the environment-friendly MERUS technology the vessel (including guest cabins, restaurant and kitchen) experiences less problems related to lime scale and therefore it is easier to keep cabins clean and guests satisfied. In addition to the visual effects also the technical equipment has less problems with scaling. This results in less energy required for heating (water), less failures and less maintenance. All supporting the operational processes to meet the high standards set by M/S River Aria.