Environmental goals are becoming more and more ambitious as nearly all companies try to embrace sustainable business objectives. Even though the stages in these journeys may vary per company, every small influence can be linked to an accelerating environmental-friendly process. Pronomar would therefore also like to highlight the positive attributes of the innovative drying systems, which can play a fundamental role in these corporate environmental considerations.

To be more specific, the stainless steel drying systems make sure that employees working on offshore platforms, industrial plants, municipality grounds and many other work floors can do their job in a neat and dry outfit. This naturally gives them higher intrinsic motivation, but at the same time also creates a healthier environment. Think of how you take away the living environment of bacteria, which love a damp or wet set of clothing.

Many organizations tend to solve this issue by heating up a room with central heating and hanging up the work clothes or simply placing them on the heaters. Not only does this increase inflammatory hazards, it also harms the costly clothing worn by the crew. Pronomar’s drying systems dry with a large amount of slightly warmed up air, ensuring a careful yet powerful drying process. In this way, the lifespan of workwear is increased by 2-3 times, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement expenses.

Considering all the previously mentioned points, one of the most important results is the enhanced energy efficiency. The conventional way of heating up a room 24/7 consumes more energy. Besides, the drying systems are optionally available with timers, so that they can be switched on for only a short period of time. Ultimately, unnecessary energy consumption is limited and companies can more easily meet CO2 reduction targets.

We strongly believe that the drying systems can be intrinsically linked to a more safe, comfortable and sustainable working environment. If you think we can help you to design your drying room, please give us a call (+31 (0)78 68 19 481) or send us an email. Please visit our product page for more specific product information.