We from Pronomar see it as our responsibility to be considerate of our environment and we are happy to see that also globally more and more companies do the same; recently to appoint us as one of their suppliers is the company EWE in Oldenburg/Germany who are a producer of sustainable energy on their offshore wind park RIFFGAT, located about 15 km northwest of the island of Borkum in the North Sea. It is a good sign to see that the sector of wind farming is booming and in times of global warming and impending oil and gas shortages we say rightly so!

It is pleasant for us to see that EWE is not only considerate of the environment but also of their employees. This is where we from Pronomar came into play. EWE decided to provide their staff with their own drying room, for this purpose we were asked to provide our Pronomar-Top Trock multipurpose drying systems for a total of 24 survival suits, jackets, trousers or overalls as well as drying systems for boots and gloves. All systems are manufactured completely from high-quality stainless steel and are thus built for long-term, professional use. The drying systems dry from the inside out (at all neuralgic zones, such as arm pits, shoulders and back) by means of a big amount of warm air coming from a powerful blower. Even though the blower is a powerful one it still uses very little energy which is in-keeping with our idea of environment-friendliness. The drying systems also prolong the lifetime of the costly work outfits which means less purchasing costs. From a health point of view the drying systems decrease the risk of sickness among the staff (as it goes without saying that when you can work in dry and properly maintained outfits you are less prone to sickness) which as a consequence increases motivation and productivity.