Given its strong wind potential, Taiwan launched a plan to develop offshore wind farms in the Taiwan Strait. To help realize the government’s goal of to have installed wind power capacity account for more than 33% of the total renewable power capacity by 2030, Vard Vung Tau has signed a contract with Ta San Shang Marine for the design and construction of the first SOV in Taiwan.

The vessel, which has been chartered by Ørsted, will be able to accommodate 87 people in single cabins and will have a changing room on-board with stainless steel (AISI 316) drying and storage systems for immersion suits, heavy lifejackets and harnesses. Vard reached out to Pronomar to help them achieve the highest levels of safety, comfort and workability for wind farm technicians – even in the roughest sea conditions.

Pronomar’s robust drying systems for offshore workwear guarantee a fast drying of all PPE by means of a strong and warm air flow from the inside out, which does not solely increase the longevity of the costly work gear, but also enhances hygiene, reduces odors and stimulates the motivation and productivity of the technicians onboard.