Pronomar are very pleased to have learned during a recent sales visit that also the police force in The Hague are among the satisfied and happy users of the highly efficient drying systems Pronomar provide.

For years now the motorised police agents located in Haaglanden / The Hague, close to the many foreign embassies and also the Dutch government, enjoy the comfort that the drying systems provide. They have a drying cabinet in use to dry their motorised agents’ jackets and trousers as well as boots. Apart from the longer lifetime of the equipment in question (which also means lower purchasing costs) the efficient drying systems also play a vital role for the health and well-being of the police agents as it goes without saying that you are less likely to get sick if you can work in constantly dry clothes and boots, rather than having to wear damp and wet gear. On top of all that the cabinet also makes sure that the equipment is kept tidy and well stored away.

Pronomar are happy to see the Top Trock  drying systems being used to full satisfaction!