Padel has been a very popular sport in southern European countries such as Spain and Portugal for years. The sport has also become extremely popular in the Netherlands and is therefore one of the fastest growing sports. At the beginning of 2017, for example, there were only 50 padel courts and our country currently has about 500.

Besides the possibility to paddle, many clubs also offer the possibility to let athletes use other facilities, such as showers, (steam) baths, saunas or even swimming pools. This is also the case at the XNRGY Club in Amsterdam, where the first Merus rings, of many in the future, have been installed. When using these facilities, a lot of limescale is formed in the water pipes, which eventually becomes visible in the sanitary facilities and in the steam generators. Think, for example, of a calcified shower head, where the water flows in all directions. A Merus ring reduces these problems in a sustainable way.

The unique water technology consists of a (Merus) ring that is mounted around the water pipe. This ring gives off molecular vibrations that disrupt the formation of lime. This gives the lime a higher solubility, making it easy to rinse and clean. This makes it much easier for sports clubs to clean and maintain their sanitary facilities, which improves overall hygiene. This will also be noticed by the athletes.

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