The media nowadays spends more and more attention to health initiatives. Pronomar is pleased with this development because Pronomar knows how important a healthy work environment is. The drying systems Pronomar supplies are designed to quickly and efficiently dry different types of work wear. Drying the protective clothing of your employees prevents your staff from working in wet, cold suits. By enabling your staff to wear warm and dry clothes while they are at work, you prevent high absenteeism and a loss of staff motivation. The fast and effective drying of the work suits of your staff undoubtedly contributes to the preservation and improvement of productivity and the prevention of diseases and failure.

“Happy employees are central to the success of a business.”
– Richard Branson

By investing in the drying systems from Pronomar, you do not only invest in the health of your staff and productivity, you are also investing in the lifespan of the protective equipment. In some branches, especially in the maritime sector, employees often have to work in harsh weather conditions while wearing expensive suits of excellent quality, which you would like to maintain. Drying the PPE prevents fungi, odours and bacteria from damaging the clothes.

The drying systems Pronomar provides are widely used for the drying of various types of work wear. The drying systems are used for survival suits, lifejackets, dry-suits and overalls, but also for loose trousers, jackets, shoes/boots and gloves. Pronomar offers a wide range of drying room equipment. Amongst others there are wall mounted drying systems, drying cabinets, mobile set-ups and even completely furnished drying containers available. The drying systems can be supplied in various types of stainless steel, making them ideal for onshore and offshore use.