After recently equipping the trawler SCH123 Zeeland, owned by Jaczon, a family business set up 1954 in the Dutch port of Scheveningen and focussing on hering fishing and trade and now being one of the major players in terms of fishing, processing and sales of fish products with worldwide exports, with our efficient drying systems for the crew on board, Pronomar are happy to have received an order to supply our innovative solution for green water treatment, the MERUS rings, also to be installed on board the Zeeland SCH123.

In total 3 rings were ordered and supplied:

1 IND BIO 1 ½” for the hydrofoor
1 IND ¾” also for the hydrofoor
1 IND ¾” ring for the feed line to the separator.

How do the MERUS rings work? After the installation the rings give off tiny oscillations which then disturb the scaling. Afterwards the troublesome substances are simply flushed away leaving the equipment in question free from scaling or any other harmful build-up. By installing the MERUS rings you not only bring back the initial performance level but you also considerably increase the equipments lifetime. Last but not least the MERUS rings, once installed, do not require any maintenance which in turn means crucial saving in time and operational costs.

Pronomar are happy to see that Jaczon not only took care of their crews well-being but that with the MERUS rings they also made sure their technical equipment is up to the best standard and performance for a smooth operation on board on a daily basis.

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