Pronomar received an order from Uniworld/Global River Cruises GmbH to apply the Pronomar MERUS technology on board of one of their luxurious River Cruise vessels; the River Beatrice.

Following outstanding results on previously equipped vessels, Pronomar equipped these applications on the River Beatrice:
• Complete cold water system
• Complete hot water system
• Boilers circulation line
• Kitchen feedpipe

In the past, Pronomar equipped a number of other vessels of Uniworld with the environment-friendly MERUS technology disturbing lime scale, corrosion and bacteria in water lines, namely the: S.S. Antoinette S.S. Catherine, River Ambassador, River Duchess, River Empress, River Princess, River Queen and the River Royal.

As a result of the MERUS technology the vessels (including guest cabins, restaurant and kitchen) experience less problems with lime scaling and therefore it is easier to keep cabins clean and guests satisfied. In addition to the positive visual effects, the technical equipment also experiences less problems with scaling, which results in less water consumption for heating water and a reduce of failure and overall maintenance.