The River Countess, one of the top rated ships in the cruise industry, set sails to cruise the beautiful lagoon of Venice and the thereto connected river delta. For doing so in accordance with the high standards required for the whole Uniworld fleet, also the River Countess was equipped with the well-proven MERUS rings for the complete domestic water system.

Pronomar protected various applications on the River Countess by installing the MERUS technology
• at the hydrophore for the complete cold water system
• at the boilers for the warm water system
• at the kitchen lines for the kitchen equipment

As result of the MERUS rings the problems caused by lime scale decrease and substantially less maintenance on water bearing systems and equipment is required. An additional benefit is that less scaling means also higher energy efficiency and reduced service intervals. A welcome side-effect on board of hotel ships is the easier cleaning of the cabins which contributes to a perfect overall-appearance.