Recently Pronomar received three orders from Van Oord, a family owned business and leading contractor for dredging, marine engineering and offshore energy projects (oil, gas, wind), headquartered in Rotterdam/NL and operating in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Among their many vessels is their new cable laying vessel NEXUS, which will be used to install the export cables for connecting the wind farms to the onshore electricity grid. Van Oord asked Pronomar to deliver three established, efficient drying cabinets, each for 8 sets of workwear.

The second order came for their new offshore installation vessel AEOLUS, for which Van Oord asked Pronomar to deliver the established and efficient stainless steel drying systems for 30 jackets/trousers/overalls and 20 pairs of boots/shoes, as well as one drying cabinet for a further 8 sets of workwear.

Just recently Pronomar started a cooperation with German based company ELA Offshore and developed the concept of drying containers, for both on- and offshore use. Van Oord also decided to order two ready-to-plug-in drying containers for on-board the MPS BRILLANT. The Brillant is a home base for the crew working together with the Aeolus to get the wind farm “Luchterduinen” up and running.

All drying systems are completely made from solid stainless steel and therefore built to last. The drying systems dry from the inside out by means of a big amount of warm air coming from a powerful (yet energy efficient) blower.
The drying systems prolong the lifetime of the costly work outfits which consequentially means less purchasing costs. From a health point of view the dryers stand for a decrease in sick leaves (you are more likely to get sick when working in wet or damp work wear) which in turn increases motivation and productivity. So it is safe to say that the dryers help to create an excellent work environment.

Pronomar looks forward to continuing the cooperation with Van Oord in the future.