After cooperating with STX OSV in the past, it was now VARD Norway (new name) to approach us with an order for one of our drying systems to be installed on-board a newly built offshore supply vessel for DOF Subsea, the “Skandi Iceman”

A multipurpose drying system, made from solid seawater resistant steel, for six survival suits, splash suits, oilskin jackets/trousers etc. will make sure the costly work wear is dried and maintained properly on a daily basis. This is achieved by a big quantity of warm air coming from a powerful blower which blows the air directly into the suits. Proper drying increases the outfits lifespan and also helps to improve the well-being and motivation among the crew on board as you are less likely to get sick if you can always work in properly dry clothes.

We enjoyed working with VARD Norway on this project and look forward to continuing on this path in the future!

Do you also enquire a drying systems? Or do you wish to further discuss the possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us.