VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, a privately owned company headquartered in Esbjerg (Denmark) and operating on a worldwide basis with some 1600 staff, 4 production sites around the globe, 54 branch offices and around 270 service stations, is, not surprisingly, a market leader in maritime safety, providing and servicing of safety equipment for vessels, offshore installations and many more.

Pronomar are very pleased about an order they got from Viking Life-Saving Equipment Germany, for delivery of their established and efficient Pronomar-Top Trock stainless steel drying systems to Vikings service centre located in Schwei-West, where survival and immersion suits, lifejackets and other kinds of PPE are serviced with meticulous care, attention to detail and of course complying with the highest standards and guidelines.

In total drying systems for 21 survival suits were ordered, to be installed at Viking’s own service centre. The drying systems, made from high-quality stainless steel thus guaranteeing a long lifetime, dry the suits from the inside and outside in an efficient and smooth manner by a big amount of warm air being blown directly into the suits via nozzles in the drying hangers. Due to the afore-mentioned big amount or air the systems also facilitate fast drying. As the drying hangers are designed in a formfitting rounded way there is no risk of damage to the costly suits either. Also it must not be neglected that by keeping the suits perfectly dry and maintained their lifetime is increased considerably, thus signifying savings in purchasing costs.
But what was really one of the most important criteria for Viking Life-Saving Equipment was that, with the aid of the efficient drying systems their service centre will now be able to manage a 24h turnaround, from receipt of the suits to servicing and returning them to the respective users.

We at Pronomar are pleased about our cooperation with such a renowned company in the maritime and safety world as Viking Life-Saving Equipment and trust the drying systems will add to an even smoother and faster servicing of the suits.