Pronomar was happy to recently welcome Mr. Shivadas Pillai from Trelleborg Middle East at their premises in The Netherlands.

The reason for this visit was an in-house training with Mr. Pillai on the SWT 3.0, the state-of-the art cleaning, disinfecting and drying system for chemical protection suits (and other protective equipment), with the view that Mr. Pillai, resp. Trelleborg, will supply it to their clients in the Middle East. This highly efficient SWT 3.0 system cleans, disinfects and dries the suits in one fully automatic process (thus, no additional manpower is needed) within 4 hours. Apart from the fact that it is a very reasonable system with regards to use of water, detergents and disinfectants (you only need about 40 litres of water per suit, which is fantastically low compared to the “old” times where the suits were cleaned in a huge basin full of water) it is also means a significantly reduced workload for the staff as, due to the fully automatic process, they can gladly leave and follow their other tasks. After 4 hours they can come back and the suits are fully maintained and ready to be used again.

Some other advantages of the SWT 3.0 system include the constant use of fresh water (soiled water is not re-used), the possibility to connect racks for various different protective equipment by easy-to-use fast couplings and the option to install ceiling rails to slide the suits after the cleaning and disinfecting over to separate blowers where they are dried while 2 more suits are cleaned. This way it is possible to maintain a big number of suits in just one day. Last but not least the outside cleaning of the suits is also taken care of as you can also connect a spray lance to clean the suits.

Many satisfied clients all over the world appreciate the highly innovative and unique system as it gives them both the security that their suits are well maintained and looked after (which also extends the lifetime of the cost-intensive protection suits) as well as the time to follow their day-to-day duty without having to spend hours cleaning their equipment.