All of us can see the sustainability trend in the shipping and offshore industry. However, these companies are, with good reason, only receptive for environmentally friendly alternatives when they offer reliable and economic results. Vroon Offshore Services B.V, with headquarters based in the Dutch Breda, got to know Pronomar’s MERUS water treatment a couple of years ago. The MERUS water treatment is an environmentally friendly technology which keeps pipes and water bearing systems clean of lime scale, rust and bacteria for a longer period of time.
Over the years, the responses coming from the superintendents and technical staff on-board the vessels which were using the MERUS technology were always positive and for that reasons there has been decided to equip multiple ships. The VOS Star and the VOS Sugar were the ninth and tenth vessel to be equipped with the rings.

The MERUS water treatment technology protects the hydrophore for the domestic water system, the calorifier feed pipe and the hot water circulation pipe against depositions caused by lime scale, rust and bacteria. The presence of these problems inside pipelines and/or a hydrophore is well known. However, something that cannot be stressed enough, is the fact that these depositions are often not handled in the right way, what can lead to an increase of maintenance and replacement expenses. In addition, this requires much time from the crew. The MERUS technology helps to prevent these particular problems, which in return results in ensuring the extension of the systems’ durability.

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