Vroon Offshore Service B.V. is a diversified international shipping company and is primarily active in and around the North Sea, with a fleet of 90 offshore-vessels.

After successful installations of the Pronomar – MERUS rings on the sister vessels VOS Sympathy, VOS Sweet and VOS Shine, Pronomar can proudly say that also the VOS Pace has been equipped with the environment-friendly Pronomar – MERUS rings. The VOS Pace is the first of six PX121-type Platform Supply Vessels, designed by ULSTEIN. The vessel has been constructed at Cosco Guandong Shipyard (China) and is intended for operation in European waters.

On board the VOS Pace, the complete domestic water system was equipped with the MERUS technology.

The MERUS technology tends to solve innumerable problems in water-bearing installations and systems. For example scaling, corrosion and biofouling. The MERUS ring does not only increase the lifespan of the equipment and the machinery, but it also saves time and money by prolonging the service intervals.

For more information on the Green Water Treatment, please contact Pronomar by visiting the homepage www.pronomar.com or send an e-mail to info@pronomar.com.