After already equipping the state-of-the-art accommodation vessel “ROSSINI”, under the ownership of Wagenborg Offshore and cruising the Caspian Sea off Kazakhstan, with their highly-efficient drying systems for their crew’s work wear, Wagenborg Offshore turned their attention to their water pipes onboard. They asked Pronomar  to also provide them with their highly efficient MERUS ring technology.

A decision was made to install a 4” Pronomar-Merus HCI (High Industrial Capacity) BIO ring at the suction line of the ships water maker. After installing the ring it gives off micro-fine oscillations that disturb the lime scale and other troublesome substances. Afterwards these are flushed away leaving the water pipes or any equipment in question free from any scaling. The equipments lifetime is also prolonged which in turn means a significant decrease in operational costs as well as a saving in time as there is no maintenance involved with the MERUS rings.

Pronomar are proud to have yet again been considered by Wagenborg Offshore and trust that Wagenborg Offshore, respectively the equipment onboard the Rossini, will benefit from this environment-friendly solution.