Pronomar are very pleased to see our successful cooperation with Wagenborg continue, after working together on many projects in the past few years. Wagenborg approached us again to supply and install our efficient, innovative Pronomar-Merus rings for green water treatment on board the MV Slingeborg and the MV Spaarneborg, two of their RORO vessels.

We installed the following rings:

– on the MV Slingeborg

one 1 ½” IND ring at the hydrofoor,
one 1” IND ring at the feed line to the separator and
one 1” IND ring at the boiler return line

– on the MV Spaarneborg we installed

one 1 ¼” IND ring at the feed pipe separator

The Merus rings are a simple, yet highly effective solution to counteract and prevent heavy scaling, which can slow down efficiency and also seriously harm the costly equipment on-board. After installation the rings give off tiny oscillations disturbing the lime scale. The troublesome substances are then flushed away leaving the equipment free from scaling and bringing it back to its initial performance. Last but not least the rings are completely maintenance free.

Pronomar are thrilled about the cooperation with Wagenborg and we look forward to many more projects together.