Among our many satisfied customers are also the passenger ships LONDON NIGHT, PUCCINI and VERDI, built at Holland Shipyard and De Hoop Lobith.

On the London Night, highly efficient boot dryers, all made from stainless steel, were installed to dry up to 280 pairs of boots and shoes at the same time.

The same on the Puccini and Verdi, but they were also equipped with drying system for up to 30 jackets and trousers.

The 3 ships will travel on the Danube to Konstanta in Romania, where the finishing installations will be put in and then the journey goes on to the final destination, the Caspian Sea.

Apart from the fact that the boots and work wear automatically have a longer lifetime it is also a motivation factor that must not be neglected as it leads to a very positive work environment as well as a significant decrease in sick leaves if the crew are accommodated and provided with reliable and efficient systems to keep their gear always dry and well maintained.

Pronomar played a vital role in supplying those systems to all of the 3 ships and would be happy to also help you with your specific needs and requirements on board.