Urban green spaces, street greeneries, public playgrounds and many more all require regular maintenance. The conservation and construction of green infrastructure is always subject to the weather, which is why the responsible workforces often encounter issues with damp or even soaked work garments. Pronomar’s drying solution for work clothing has consequently become of major importance for municipalities, since they contribute to the employees’ well-being by making sure they can fulfill their tasks in a dry outfit.

The same applies to construction and civil engineering workers, since these jobs also include tough open-air activities. Assemblies on site require employees to continuously lift and transport heavy material regardless of the weather, which can cause sweaty work suits during summer and wet cold workwear during the winter. That is why this sector can also benefit from an efficient drying solution, to make sure that everybody’s new shift can be started in perfectly dry PPE.

The professional drying systems provide a simple, yet very powerful drying technique of all types of work garments, including suits, jackets, trousers, helmets, gloves, boots and more. Besides the increased comfort and well-being of outdoor workers, the health and productivity will rise as well. Moreover, since the PPE receives such a careful drying treatment, its quality will not be damaged, which results in a longer lifespan and less need for replacement purchases. All in all, Pronomar’s dryers have significant social and financial advantages.

Also employees working for other exterior purposes, such as for motorway and road maintenance departments, construction, utility work teams (such as sewage cleaners), clarification plants, cemeteries, water utilities and garbage collection can benefit from Pronomar’s drying equipment. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in case of any questions, via our email info@pronomar.com, by calling +31 (0)78 68 19 481 or filling in our contact form.