With over 40 years of experience in the hotel industry, WestCord Hotels owns 15 unique four-star hotels throughout the Netherlands, suitable for business and leisure stays. It stands to reason that Pronomar is very pleased that WestCords Hotels decided to equip multiple locations with the environment-friendly MERUS rings.

The MERUS rings were installed in three WestCord locations, namely at Hotel “De Wadden”, Beachhotel “Seeduyn” and on the former flagship of the Holland America Line, the “SS Rotterdam”.

The highly-efficient MERUS ring gives off molecular oscillations disturbing lime scale, rust and bacteria formed in fresh- and seawater lines. The lifespan of the waterlines and applications is prolonged, after the substances are flushed away and leave the equipment lime-scale free, which leads to the initially high performance levels. MERUS rings save time and money in maintenance and therefore reduce the overall operational costs.

Pronomar is proud of this order by WestCord Hotels and looks forward to further installations on the remaining locations.

MERUS – The perfect solution against lime scale and rust!