Pronomar is pleased about a new order from Western Geco Canada, for the delivery of one of the multipurpose Pronomar drying systems for 7 jackets/trousers or overalls as well as caps. The drying systems will be installed on board their seismic vessel Western Regent, working in Canadian waters off Nova Scotia.

The drying systems for workclothes, completely made from solid, seawater-resistant stainless steel, use a powerful yet energy-efficient warm-air blower which blows a lot of warm air directly into the clothes via nozzles in the form-fitting drying hangers, smartly placed at neuralgic places such as shoulders, back, arm pits and legs. By keeping the costly work wear dry at all times, the materials lifetime is extended considerably which means significant savings in purchasing costs. The drying systems for suits also help to increase the health, well-being and motivation of the crew on-board as it goes without saying that if you can work in dry gear at all times you are less likely to get sick.