Sustainably Withstanding Water Obstacles With Merus Rings on the VOS Stone

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Following successful installation on board ‘VOS Start’, Vroon contracted Pronomar to equip sister newbuild vessel, ‘VOS Stone’, with the Merus technology. These two subsea-support walk-to-work units were purpose built for Vroon, to support offshore operations and walk-to-work (W2W) projects in today's Renewable Energy and Oil

Energieoptimierung Zieserl & Pronomar exhibiting at GAST Klagenfurt

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Pronomar's Austrian Merus-agent, Mr. Zieserl, head of company Energieoptimierung Zieserl GmbH, is exhibiting at the GAST 2015 exhibition in Klagenfurt. Pronomar is happy to also take part at the exhibition and support their agent as good as possible. The exhibition takes place from 22 - 24 March 2015. The

Pronomar Newsletter 02/2015

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Dear reader, We are happy to present our latest newsletter for your reading pleasure. The newsletter focuses on the upcoming EWEA Exhibition in Copenhagen (Denmark) and also contains lots of interesting articles on recent, new collaborations. Enjoy the read! Link to newsletter. Would you also

Vroon chooses Pronomar as partner for outfitting VOS Sweet with MERUS technology

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Vroon Offshore Services chooses Pronomar to equip the VOS Sweet with multiple MERUS rings. Earlier Pronomar already outfitted the VOS Sympathy. On the VOS Sweet they experienced problems with lime scale (in the piping, the boiler and the pumps), and so it didn’t take Vroon

HealthCity’s MERUS rings are getting reprogrammed

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Over five years ago Pronomar has installed several MERUS rings at HealthCity in Waalwijk. HealthCity is very pleased with the advantages of the MERUS rings, but has now returned the rings to Pronomar for a RELOAD. The MERUS rings are to be checked once in

Successful Merus installation on M/S River Aria

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GCCL RMD Fleet Management LTD has placed an order for installation of the MERUS technology on-board the cruise ship M/S River Aria, a vessel awarded #35 in the ‘’Top 40 River Cruise Ships in the World’’ in Condé Nast Traveler Magazine “2014 Readers Pol”. Pronomar

Pronomar installs MERUS technology on-board M.V. Fugro Meridian

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Fugro Marine Services has placed an order for installation of the MERUS technology on-board of the research vessel M.V. Fugro Meridian. Following the Fugro vessel ´Fugro Bucentaur´ this time specifically the cold water system of the M.V. Fugro Meridian was equipped with the sustainable MERUS

Fleetpro chooses the MERUS rings for the well-being of the passengers on-board!

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FleetPro Passenger Ship Management, also known as Fleetpro, provides management services for passenger ships worldwide. Fleetpro is leading manager in both river and ocean vessel markets. FleetPro River, based in Basel, Switzerland, provided Pronomar with an order for the environment-friendly MERUS ring on behalf of

New cooperation with Royal Boskalis Westminster

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After supplying Royal Boskalis Westminster with our innovative, efficient Pronomar-Merus rings several times in the past, we were happy about their new order. Same as on the “Manu Pekka” and the “Queen of the Netherlands”, Boskalis asked us to supply and install our rings on-board


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